Devotions and Prayers for Warrior Women

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Are YOU a warrior woman? . . . A warrior woman is strong and secure in who she is—BECAUSE SHE WAS CREATED (AND IS LOVED) BY HER HEAVENLY FATHER. A warrior woman has an unbreakable faith—BECAUSE SHE FULLY TRUSTS IN GOD. A warrior woman praises God with a grateful heart—BECAUSE SHE KNOWS HE PROVIDES. A warrior woman prays—AND IS CONFIDENT GOD WILL LISTEN AND ANSWER. A warrior woman doesn’t give up—SHE PERSISTS AND RELIES ON GOD’S STRENGTH. A warrior woman has hope for the future—BECAUSE SHE KNOWS GOD IS IN CONTROL. Tap into your beautiful inner warrior with these 200 challenging, courage-building devotions. With every turn of the page, you’ll encounter a strength and confidence that are only possible through an intimate relationship with the heavenly Father. Each relatable reading touches on important-to-you topics like security, peace, trust, confidence, persistence, hope, strength, faith, and more.